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Are you motivated? Do you love what you do? Are you driven daily to achieve your long-term goals despite the distractions?

Follow George on a journey from the time he discovered the Harada Method of self-reliance to the profound impacts its had on people everywhere in the world. This training stems from Mr. Harada whose method has been taught to over 60,000 people in Japan with stellar results including the following example of this sophomore student:

When Shohei Otani was a sophomore at high school in Japan he was trained on the Harada Method.  At the time, he wanted to be a professional baseball pitcher with a goal to pitch at 99 miles an hour.  He worked out precisely the method indicating the tasks he had to perform for the next three years. After graduation from high school, he was the first picked player into the major leagues (in Japan). He stuck to what he wanted! This meant that for a team from Major League Baseball (in the US) to have him, they would need to allow him to be both a pitcher and a designated hitter. He entered MLB in 2018 and is not considered the best baseball player that has ever lived. You read this right. Look up anything on Shohei Ohtani and the comparison to Babe Ruth will come up repeatedly. Most recently he has been referred to as a unicorn, you won’t ever see a player like him again! Watch this video


  • Understand what makes a strong goal and where to position it so it has a strong foundation.
  • Develop a 64-Chart as a guiding beacon of the future to come.
  • Understanding the Routing Checklist’s importance in creating good habits.
  • Self-reflecting daily using a diary unlike any other.


Find out the secret behind Toyota’s continued success and what have they done differently to develop their leadership team. Take this journey with George Trachilis as he shares his experiences touring Toyota in Japan and as a Shingo Prize winning contributor to the book authored by Jeffrey K. Liker (best-selling author of The Toyota Way).

The Lean Leadership Development Model (LLDM) is the centerpiece of this session. Based on the 2016 Shingo Award Winning book, George discusses the True North Values of the Toyota Way Methodology and covers the four steps of the Lean Leadership Development Model:

  • Commit to Self-Development
  • Coach and Develop Others
  • Support Daily Kaizen
  • Create Vision and Align Goals


George shares how he has coached and developed organizations to follow the four steps of the development model while at the same time internalizing the true north values of the organization.


  • How to apply some secrets from the book, Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels: A Practical Guide
  • Gain insights on a Good Starting Point on how to develop Lean Leaders.
  • Performa a self assessment on leadership in your organization
  • Understand what it means to self develop and develop others while taking the organization to new heights.


Excellent organizational cultures are built around humility, respect, trust, collaboration, innovation, and empowerment. After many years of studying excellence, George and the Shingo Institute have discovered three key insights:

  • Ideal results require ideal behaviors
  • Purpose and systems drive behavior
  • Principles inform ideal behavior

Leaders must do the hard work of creating a culture where ideal behaviors are expected and evident in every team member.

George develops organizations from the President and CEO down to team members. The key is to think long term about how to you would like your organization to function and create the systems and apply the tools that will help you get there. George has a systematic approach in his teaching system. It starts with the teaching from his book with Dr. Liker, Developing Lean Leaders at All Levels. He references the lean leadership development model as a guiding beacon for continuous improvement activities for leaders.

George shares lessons from his sensei, Ritsuo Shingo, the son of Shigeo Shingo, and uncovers deep insights on leading by example. The guiding principles of the Shingo model are internalized and adopted. These principles include:

  • Respect Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility
  • Seek Perfection
  • Embrace Scientific Thinking
  • Focus on Process
  • Assure Quality at the Source
  • Improve Flow & Pull
  • Think Systemically
  • Create Constancy of Purpose
  • Create Value for the Customer


Finally, each executive is challenged with a problem to solve with guidance and assessment by George. The challenge includes involving everyone in designing and developing habits of excellence, while achieving the milestones towards success. The pattern is repeated for all levels in the organization and success is judged evenly between achieving the results and developing the people needed to sustain those results.


Sometimes circumstances arise where you just don’t have time to coach, especially when crises arise. George has been pulled into organizations for the purpose of getting things done and restructuring for future success. His background in enterprise resource planning and thirty years of implementation is invaluable in these challenging situations. George is also a people person and forges solid relationship immediately. The skills George brings into play as a consultant are akin to witnessing a miracle.

George also consults with Ritsuo Shingo and other world-recognized experts. Whether the work is remote or onsite George makes it happen. For example Shingo has more than 40 years of experience serving in top management positions at Toyota. He was the founder and the first president of Toyota China where under his leadership, it became the most successful ventures of Toyota worldwide. Ritsuo’s father was a co-creator of the Toyota Production System. He applied his father’s teachings to his own management practices.

In any case, your leadership learns how to:

  • Go to the Gemba, this is where all the principles are evident.
  • Design systems that directly impact people’s behavior.
  • Go & observe deeply to understand the true situation.
  • Apply best practices to everyday work life.
  • Impact those around them in an ideal way.

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